Installing the model


The model is available as an installer-file and requires Java to be installed. The model runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.

The installer and model requires Java version 8 or later. The model testing and validation has been performed with Java 8, which is why we generally recommend this version.

If you need to install Java, it can be obtained from Oracle at (direct to Java 8). If you wish to develop with Repast Simphony as well, you should choose the JDK version.

Alternatively, your operating system may already provide a Java version (often the case with Linux distributions) or you may wish to use OpenJDK instead.

Installing the model

First download the model installer from GitHub at – select the DEPONS-2.1-setup.jar file (or use this direct link).

Depending on your operating system and Java installation, you may be able to simply double-click on the DEPONS-2.1-setup.jar file to launch the installer. If this does not work, open a command-line and run java -jar <path_to_DEPONS2.1-setup.jar>.

After the installer launches, you will see the window below in step 1.

Step 1

Select «Next» to continue with the installation.

Step 2

Select «Next» to continue with the installation.

Step 3

Review the license agreement and select whether you agree to the terms and conditions. Select «Next» to continue with the installation. You will only be able to continue, if you agree to the license.

Step 4

Select the path to install the model into. The default path suggested is depending on your operating system. The chosen directory must be writeable by the user running the model. We recommend using the default suggested path. Select «Next» to continue the installation.

Step 5

Select which parts to install. The base model cannot be deselected. Select «Next» to continue the installation.

Step 6

This is the installation of the files to the chosen directory. When it is finished, select «Next» to continue the installation.

Step 7

This allows you to install the shortcuts in the Start-Menu on Windows. On macOS, it will be available in the Applications menu only if you installed into the default path. On Linux it will depend on your desktop environment. For GNOME a .desktop-file is created which allows to launch the model. Select «Next» to continue the installation.

Step 8

This is the final screen. If you wish to create an installation script with the choices you made during the installation, you can use the «Generate an automatic installation script». The majority of users will probably skip this. Select «Next» to complete the installation.

Running the model

After the installation, you can start the model from the Start-Menu (or your operating system's equivalent).

When the model has started, you will see the initial screen as shown below

On the "Parameters" tab in the lower left corner, you can specify the parameters for the simulation. Further instructions on the parameters can be found in the TRACE document

The simulation can be started with the small "play" button near the top.

Setting up for development

If you wish to set up the model for development with Repast Simphony, please see the Installation for development instructions.