Installation for development

If you wish to look at the code behind the model, it is available on GitHub (

Installing Repast Simphony

The model is developed with Repast Simphony 2.7. You must first download and install Repast Simphony 2.7.

Obtaining the model code

In Repast Simphony, select File → Import…

Then select Git → Projects from Git in the list of wizards. Then select «Next >».

In the Repository Source, select Clone URI and select «Next».

Enter the repository URI ( in the URI field. The other fields will be filled automatic based on this information. Then select «Next >»

In the branch selection, the master (primary development) should be automatically selected. Then select «Next >» to continue.

Select the local destination and select «Next >»

The repository will now be cloned from GitHub to your local destination. Leave the selection «Import existing Eclipse projects» and select «Next >»

The next screen allow you to select, which projects to import. The DEPONS project is already selected, so select «Finish» to complete the import.

If you have a small red error marker after the import, try rebuilding the project by selecting Project → Clean… in the menu.

To run the model from within Repast Simphony, select Run → Run Configurations… from the menu. In the dialog, expand Java Application and select DEPONS Model. Select the «Run» button to launch the model.