2020/12/07 – Incorporating detailed vessel noise model in DEPONS

Over the next three years DEPONS will be extended to simulate population effects of ship noise based on detailed sound propagation models and new data on how porpoises respond to ships. This will be part of the EU funded SATURN project (read more).

2020/11/30 - DEPONS 2.1.1 released

DEPONS 2.1.1 is a minor release, which updates the model to use Repast Simphony 2.8. There are no changes to the model. The release is available on GitHub,

2020/10/26 - R-package for analysing DEPONS output

The DEPONS2R package for R makes it easy to read, plot and analyse output from DEPONS. The package can be obtained from CRAN,

2020/07/01 - DEPONS 2.1 released

DEPONS 2.1 was released on 1st July 2020. This version of the model makes it possible to simulate how harbour porpoise populations are influenced by noise from pile driving and ships. It also makes it possible to specify sound transmission loss in a more flexible way than was the case in DEPONS 2.0.