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Hardware requirements
Hi, it's me again Smile I'm trying to run DEPONS for the Baltic Sea but my laptop is too weak and the server solution that I was looking at fell through, so I need to get another computer. What should I be looking for? A lot of CPU cores, or can I use a graphic card? Do I need a lot of RAM? Very grateful for any help!

Dear Ida

Too bad that you couldn't get DEPONS up and running on your old computer. When you buy a new computer, you don't need to get one with a lot of cores, as the processes we simulate in DEPONS are inherently serial: the agents' behaviour at one point in time depends on what happened in the previous point in time, and this is most efficiently handled on a single core. But to run simulations on large landscapes you'll need a computer with a lot of memory (at least 16 GB, but better with ≥32 GB RAM). And a fast processor is also good. A better GPU won't help you.

Good luck with the simulations :-)

Best wishes,

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