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Intallation issue via remote desktop
(16-06-2021, 22:41)jonasa Wrote: Hi Magda,

The thread Model initiation blocked has some instructions for enabling more output from the model start command. The instructions can be found if you search for "start_model.bat".

It would be helpful if you could perform these steps and inform us of the output in the console. This will hopefully provide a hint at the underlying issue starting the model.

Best regards,


Hi Jonas,

I got stuck here
'After saving the changes, open a command-line and change directory to c:\users\Nienke\DEPONS\. When you now run start_model.bat, the console should contain some output, which can assist further analysis'.
I changed the .bat file,. changed the directory and I am not sure what to do next. Sorry, I am not a frequent cmp user.


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