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Intallation issue via remote desktop
(15-06-2021, 22:01)Jacob Nabe-Nielsen Wrote:
(15-06-2021, 20:09) Wrote: Good evening,

I am trying to install DEPONS on another computer via remote desktop. Java and Repast have been installed and DEPONS is installed in my user folder. But when I try to run DEPONS nothing happens, there is no windows popping up.
On my own machine everything works fine. Do I do something wrong?

All the best,


Dear Magda,

Could you please specify which version of Java and DEPONS you are running, and which OS? On some systems it is only the latest version of DEPONS (v. 2.1.1; that works.

Best wishes,

Hi Jacob,

Windows 10 (64), Java 8, Repast 2.8, DEPONS 2.1. I have also installed DEPONS 2.1.1 and still no success.



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