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Intallation issue via remote desktop
Hi Magda,

From your response, I understand that you have modified the start_model.bat file and have opened a command-line window. You have also changed the working directory in the command-line window to be the directory which has the start_model.bat.

The next step is to run the start_model.bat file. This is done by entering "start_model.bat" and pressing the enter key.

It will now (attempt to) start the model. Unlike before the start_model.bat file was modified there should now be more information written in the command-line window. This is the information needed to continue investigation of the issue.

Assuming that information is written in the window, you can select the text with the mouse (left click and drag). With the text selected, you can right-click and select Copy from the popup menu. 

The information can then be posted to this thread and hopefully we'll be able to assist you further.

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RE: Intallation issue via remote desktop - by jonasa - 23-06-2021, 08:58

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